Our Lead-Based Paint Safety Incentive Program

Cleveland, OH, property owners can now receive rewards for obeying the law and keeping their properties lead-safe for their tenants. PB Free Ohio is proud to offer our lead-based paint safety incentive program so that you can feel pride in keeping your property a safe place for your tenants and their children, and get a little back in your own pocket to boot.

PB Free Ohio is committed to keeping Cleveland area children safe from lead which is likely to be present in homes built before 1978. We realize that the possibility of present lead is almost never the fault of the current property owner, so we want to make the process of keeping your rental property safe for tenants—especially the youngest ones—as easy as possible.

Our Vital Mission

Lead used to be a common ingredient in house paint, primarily due to how it preserved the brilliant white hues popular in and on American homes. However, by 1978, officials could no longer deny the harmful effects of blood lead levels in children and they banned lead as an ingredient in paint to keep children from accidentally ingesting lead-laden paint from off the walls of their homes.

The effort to remediate this lead paint in homes has been slow, particularly because of how costly it would be to remove all the old lead piping and paint that was installed across the country.  That is part of why PB Free Ohio offers our lead paint safety incentive program to help property owners like you cover the cost of this expensive and essential certification to keep Ohio children safe from harm.

In addition to government grants, you can apply for our incentive program to reward you for remediating lead on your property and keeping it safe for your most vulnerable residents.

To get lead-safe certified and apply for incentives, reach out to us today.