Grant Money Assist for Landlords in Cleveland, OH

The City of Cleveland has millions of dollars earmarked to help your rental become lead safe.  All you have to do is complete the paperwork. The property owner is responsible for 1/3 of the cost and the city grant will pay the balance.

The city grant program is administered by Cleveland Housing Network.  Click here for more information.

Lead is a heavy metal found in the environment, and it can be very dangerous if ingested. It has been linked to health effects such as reduced IQ, learning disabilities, memory loss, hearing loss, kidney damage, and reproductive problems.

In recent years, lead exposure has become an increasingly serious problem among children due to its presence in paint chips, dust, and soil. Lead can also be found in old plumbing fixtures and waterways contaminated with industrial waste.

Since one can find lead in a variety of residential and commercial spaces, testing for lead is a crucial step in protecting the health of anyone who may come in contact with these spaces. PbFreeOhio is passionate about helping those in need with lead education and testing, but we understand that lead testing is another cost for many.

With incentive payments for landlords, you can ensure that your property in Cleveland, OH, is lead-free. Continue to explore this page for more or review this video that explains the process.

Grant Money Assist for Landlords

The Ohio Department of Health is committed to providing grants for landlords who wish to have their property tested for lead. The grant money can help offset the cost of testing and encourage more landlords to make sure that their tenants are safe from potential lead exposure. Landlords in Cleveland, OH, are eligible for grants ranging from $750-1000 per rental unit tested.

To apply, a landlord must submit an application detailing their building and contact information as well as provide proof of ownership or occupancy. Additionally, applicants must agree to have their buildings inspected by PbFreeOhio if they receive grant money.

This grant program provides a great opportunity for landlords to ensure that their properties are free of lead contamination at an affordable rate. Don't wait—contact us today for more information about the grant program and receive peace of mind today.